My name is Andrew Margolis. It is my honor and privilege to be a candidate for Judge of your Fulton County Superior Court.

My father is a business owner, the third generation to work in the family business started by my great-grandfather in the 1930’s. My mother is a retired schoolteacher. Together, my parents instilled in me from an early age the values of honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. These values have shaped the core of who I am as a person and form the basis of everything I do in my personal and professional life. I will bring these values to the bench as your next Superior Court Judge.

After graduating from high school in 1993, I graduated Cum Laude from Brandeis University where I received my B.A. in Politics and Legal Studies in 1997. It was while in college that I first began to realize what awesome power the law has to make people’s lives better. I was part of a legal team that successfully sued the MBTA (the Massachusetts equivalent of MARTA), forcing it to provide better access for people with disabilities. This experience instilled in me the conviction that our courts need to be accessible to everyone, and that fairness and justice do not depend on the size of one’s wallet.

I began attending law school at Emory University in 1998, and graduated in 2001. Soon after beginning law school, I found myself drawn to the practice of criminal law. Immediately after my first year, I began assisting attorneys in the Fulton County Public Defender’s Office in representing clients who could not afford to hire their own attorneys. Later on, while still in law school, I began working as a prosecutor for both the City of Atlanta and for Henry County. These two experiences so close together afforded me a singular opportunity to see both sides of a criminal case almost at the same time. This dual experience helped me to be extremely effective in the handling of criminal cases later in my career.

When I graduated from Emory Law School, I began serving as an Assistant District Attorney for Whitfield County, Georgia. As a prosecutor in Superior Court, I represented the people of the State of Georgia in the handling of all types of criminal cases involving serious felonies, including homicides, sex crimes, child victim cases, drug cases and family violence cases. I became one of the District Attorney’s Office’s family violence prosecutors and was placed in charge of all of the family violence cases in my division. I also served as lead drug court prosecutor and gained valuable insight into the effectiveness of treatment courts. I learned that for some offenders, successful and aggressive rehabilitative treatment through the court system can change the lives immeasurably both for the offender and for the community.

In 2004 I moved back to Atlanta from Dalton and opened my own law practice. I learned first-hand about running a business, operating an office, maintaining a budget and supervising employees. Building on skills and relationships gained as a prosecutor, I began to represent clients in criminal and family law cases. I am proud of my dual experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. It is critical for a judge to be able to be fair to all parties. In order to be fair and arrive at a result that serves justice, a Judge must have the ability to see both sides of a case. I am the only candidate with experience as a prosecutor who has not spent his whole career looking only at one side of the issue in criminal cases. I will bring my diverse experience to the Fulton County bench and be truly fair to the people on all sides of a case.

In 2012 it was my distinct honor to be appointed to serve as a Judge of the Fulton County Magistrate Court by the Hon. Patsy Porter, then Chief Judge of the State Court of Fulton County. As a Magistrate Judge, I preside regularly over all kinds of criminal and civil matters in the Magistrate, State and Superior Courts of Fulton County. As the only candidate who is currently a sitting Magistrate Judge, I can tell you there is almost nothing I take more seriously than having to decide whether or not I’m going to sign that arrest warrant that will let the police take away a citizen’s freedom and put him in jail. I can promise you there is almost nothing I take more seriously than having to decide whether or not I’m going to sign that search warrant that will let the police kick in a Fulton County resident’s door at three in the morning. There is almost nothing I take more seriously than my role in arriving at a fair and just resolution of your civil cases. I believe in showing respect to everyone with business before the Court. I believe in giving everyone the same opportunity to be heard. I believe in holding everyone to the same rules, and I believe in treating attorneys like the professionals that they are. I will bring all of this experience, dedication and sensitivity to the bench as your next Superior Court Judge.

I live within the city limits of Atlanta with my beautiful and talented wife Mindy, our four-year-old son Robbie, our eighteen-month-old daughter Lily, and our two dogs. We regularly attend Ahavath Achim Synagogue, where we lead weekly services as a team and sing in the choir. It is my privilege to hold the position of choir director and also to have served on the Board of Directors.

When I’m not at work or spending time with my family, you can find me behind a set of drums, a keyboard, or with a bass guitar strapped to my shoulder playing and singing the blues in various music venues throughout the state. You might also find us at the Woodruff Arts Center listening to Mindy sing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus, a position she has held for over 20 years.

With your help and your vote, I will bring to the bench the honesty, integrity, discipline and dedication I learned from my parents and strive to teach to our children. I will bring the sense of justice and fairness that has been instilled in me during my career in the legal profession. I will do my utmost to protect our community as a whole while at the same time respecting the individual rights of each and every person who comes before the Court.

My family and I thank you for your support.

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